New Titles

New Titles is a joint project of Book Arsenal along with the cultural and publishing project Chytomo. New Titles will introduce you to the books of current interest, which have been published since October 2020 or are supposed to be published until May 2021.

More than 70 Ukrainian publishing houses have presented their new books as part of New Titles. As a matter of convenience, the collection has been divided into sections: Ukrainian Fiction, Foreign Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Business Books, Graphic Prose, Children’s Poetry and Prose, Art Books etc. The collection is updating.

The section Audio Books has been presented for the second time, which allows you to listen to audio excerpts, as this area has just begun to develop in Ukraine.

New Titles’ users can like their favorite books, and those books that will receive the most likes will be put in the section Most Awaited.

For the first time this year, readers can create their own wishlists and share them on social networks.

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