New Titles

Books about the War: New Titles at the 12th Book Arsenal

New Titles presents the editions published from June 2023 to May 2024 and will be focused on books about the war of any genre, subject or age category.

In the space of the festival Titles will be located in section A1 (the left wing of the first floor of the Mystetskyi Arsenal). Important: New Titles in the space of Book Arsenal will be compiled exclusively of the editions presented by publishers and bookstores at the Festival-2024 fair.

New Titles in the space of the festival will accept the following editions:

  • published from June 2023 to May 2024 inclusive;
  • directly or indirectly related to the war theme;
  • of any genre, subject or age category;
  • created by Ukrainian publishers and/or authors, illustrators, designers, etc.

We kindly ask publishers-participants in the fair to bring one printed copy of the edition you want to place in New Titles to the festival section A1, New Titles, on Thursday, May 30, from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and to hand it over to the volunteers of the section, who will mark the book with the sticker indicating the number of the publisher’s stand.

The publishers who will be represented at the festival fair exclusively through the bookstores can bring a book to the section by themselves within the same specified period or through the bookstore, having agreed on this with it in advance.

An important block of the New Titles project on the Chytomo website is reviews about the war, Chytomo will devote five selections to the books by military servicemen and servicewomen, authors in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In general, before the start of Book Arsenal, during April-May, a series of 11 materials, which will introduce the most important new titles of the book publishing market over 2023-2024, will be published on the Chytomo website. Literary critics will present their thematic selections: Tetiana Petrenko, Ganna Uliura, Oleh Kotsarev, Anastasia Gerasymova, Bogdana Romantsova, Valentyna Vzdulska, Vitalina Makaryk and others.

After the end of the festival, the books from New Titles in the space of the festival will be sent to the libraries that were destroyed or damaged because of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, within the Unbreakable Libraries program of PEN Ukraine.

The New Titles project has been taking place annually since 2015 in cooperation with the Chytomo media resource and aims at helping readers learn about new book titles, decide on purchases and increase the visibility of Ukrainian publishers.

International Book Arsenal Festival is an annual project of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, founded in 2011. It is an intellectual event of Ukraine, where the book, literary, visual, musical and theater scenes develop and interact, the important issues of human existence, as well as of society and culture, are raised and explored, encouraging participants and visitors to take a proactive position.

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