The Best Book Design Contest

The Best Book Design Contest

The Best Book Design Contest was launched in 2016. It is organized by the International Book Arsenal Festival and Goethe-Institute Ukraine, supported by the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Buchkunst Foundation.

The contest’s mission is to improve the aesthetic level of Ukrainian book design according to the best world practices, to talk about the book as an artistic object and to promote innovation in the production sphere.

The winners of the Contest represent Ukrainian book design in an international competition organized by the Buchkunst Foundation; the winning books are also exhibited at the international book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt.

In 2021, the Contest will be held for the sixth time.

Books that were published from August 2020 to May 2021 and have not been submitted to the Contest before are accepted to participate in the Best Book Design Contest 2021.
Books must be created by Ukrainian designers/illustrators or commissioned by a Ukrainian publisher. Publications with purchased licensed content, the rights to which belong to foreign companies, are not considered.
The competition is open to books by publishers, individuals, as well as institutions and institutions that initiated the publication. Only up to 5 books from one publisher can be submitted to the competition. Participation in the Contest is free.

Categories in which the winners will be chosen:

  1. Text Book (books in which the textual part dominates: poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction);
  2. Visual Book (books mostly with the visual part: art publications, albums, photo books, catalogs, books with a large number of images, graphic novels, etc.);
  3. Kids Book (kids and adolescent books of various genres and types, children’s graphic novels);
  4. Utility Book (popular science book, scientific, educational literature, guides, cookbook, etc.);
  5. Experiment (self-published books, photo books, art books and limited editions, zines, graphic novels, etc.).

Evaluation criteria:

  1. innovation and relevance of design;
  2. a harmonious combination of content and design of the book;
  3. novelty and originality of the visual concept;
  4. an analogy between the design style and the readership;
  5. convenience and readability of the text;
  6. combination of the font palette;
  7. high-quality printing.

The following publications  will not be accepted for consideration by the jury members:

  1. reproduced on the models of other publishers (purchased under license);
  2. contain unlicensed content that contradicts the current legislation on copyright and intellectual property;
  3. promote a cult of violence and cruelty, racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination; contain an aggressive denial of the views and freedom of choice of other citizens within the framework of defending their political views;
  4. contain gender or other stereotypes that degrade the honor and dignity of any social group or individual;
  5. contain calls for the forcible overthrow of the state regime, for violations of Ukrainian law or the territorial integrity of Ukraine, non-recognition of Russian aggression and annexation of Crimea by Russia;
  6. were issued before August 2020.


Mariia Hromova, Book Arsenal
[email protected]

Mariia Shubchik, Goethe-Institut
[email protected]