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Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 Edition

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Responding to the challenges of the war, the International Book Arsenal Festival is announcing the third edition of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! program.

The main goal of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program is to promote the export of Ukrainian books abroad and to strengthen the competencies of Ukrainian publishers in overcoming the challenges of the full-scale war.

This year again, the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme. The information and analytical partner is the Chytomo media project.

The Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program will include 2 components:

  • The educational component includes individual mentoring sessions from world and Ukrainian experts who have successful and effective experience working with cases of organising the export of Ukrainian books abroad during the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war.
    The educational component of the program will take place online on July 19-26.
  • The information and analytical component includes a series of texts about the opportunities of Ukrainian book export in the full-scale war based on the solutions found in the course of the educational component.
    The text materials will be published on the Chytomo, a leading Ukrainian media resource for the professional publishing community. The release is scheduled for August and September.

Within the educational component, we invite publishers to work in one of the four tracks related to the export of Ukrainian books abroad:

  1. Direct sale of printed and electronic books abroad through the publisher’s website. Development of website logic, optimization for the international market, setting up search options, payment systems etc.
  2. Selling rights abroad (focus on publishers with little or no experience in selling rights). Creating and enhancing catalogues, finding contractors, working with foreign literary agents and publishers.
  3. Customs and legal procedures for selling books abroad.
  4. Cooperation with bookstores abroad.

Each participating publisher will have an opportunity to work in one of the four tracks. The track is chosen when filling out the registration form.

How to apply for the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 Edition

Organisations are eligible to apply if they:

  • are Ukrainian publishers and registered as a legal entity;
  • have at least 5 books with the potential of selling rights to (for publishers whose track is working with the rights catalogue);
  • have a clear current idea or case within the need of book export.

Within the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program we are planning to invite 12 participating publishers from Ukraine and 6 mentors, who will work together on each individual case in order to find the most effective up-to-date solutions for the export of Ukrainian books.

To apply for participation in the program, please fill out the registration form.
The deadline for applications is July 4, 2022.


The Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program is being implemented in a completely different format than in the previous two years. The full-scale war continues in Ukraine, having a dramatic, often catastrophic impact on the book publishing industry. Therefore, we stepped back from the goals of peacetime in order to refocus our program to support Ukrainian publishers in overcoming the challenges of wartime. This year, we invite to participate in the program those Ukrainian publishers who have the idea, the case of ​​an export-oriented project, and who need mentoring support, advice, additional knowledge and expert opinion on their problem from the outside perspective. The main principles of this year’s program are maximum practice, relevance and joint search for the most effective solutions that can support the sector and bring our victory closer on this front as well

— Yuliia Kozlovets, Coordinator of the International Book Arsenal Festival.

It is Russia’s declared goal not just to conquer Ukrainian territory, but to erase Ukrainian culture. House of Europe has re-purposed up to EUR 1.5 mln. of its budget in the framework of its war response. Continuing the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! programme together with the Mystetskyi Arsenal is a part of it, as making Ukrainian professionals even stronger and their voices even more heard internationally is now more important than ever

— Dr Christian Diemer, Head of Programme of House of Europe.

The International Book Arsenal Festival is an annual project of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, established in 2011. Book Arsenal is an intellectual event in Ukraine, where the book, literary, visual, music and theatre scenes develop and interact with each other, and important issues of human existence, as well as society and culture are raised, prompting the proactive position of the participants and visitors.

Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! program, launched by the International Book Arsenal Festival in 2020, helps to establish effective connections between Ukrainian publishers and international business partners, as well as to integrate the Ukrainian literary process into the global one.

House of Europe is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries and the UK. The programme focuses on culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth.