Виставкові проекти 2019 img

Music Beyond

Created by Lidiya Borysenko

The themes of peace, unity, coexistence, and harmony of human relations, such as musical harmony – from tunefulness to consonance – are at the heart of the project narrative.

The creator fills the project with meanings, interweaving many symbolic lines: black and white, Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth, and father and mother. The rhythmic alternation of papercut text lines — You and I, and We, and Everyone — is like different shades of the music of human relationships visually manifested in touches of hands, symbolizing unity.

Lidiya Borysenko has got two academic degrees: in music and in art. This artwork is an attempt to combine two types of her experience and explore the texts of the Ukrainian choral music by visual means, to grasp the moment of transition and going beyond the text, religion, faith and other restrictions made by people themselves.

Handmade paper, text papercutting.