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Curated by Pictoric / Oleh Hryshchenko, Anna Sarvira, and Olena Staranchuk

For the sixth year in a row, during the Festival, the Pictoric Illustrators Club presents an international illustration exhibition, bringing together leading contemporary illustrators from Ukraine and across the world. In the context of the leading theme of this year’s Book Arsenal Festival, the emphasis is on a broad lecture and practical program presented by invited European illustrators from Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic. After all, neighborliness, partnership and cooperation is, first of all, the exchange of experiences, trends, thoughts about the future, and responsibility for it.

On the other hand, the illustration exhibition aims to show its wide possibilities in the contemporary art world, where it adjoins not only texts in books, but goes beyond the pages, goes into full-fledged graphic works, street art, raises important social and cultural issues, and, most crucially, helps to solve them. In our life, neighbors are not only our friends, acquaintances, pleasant and unpleasant people, but also bright visual images that have lived with us since our childhood, formed our outlook, and accompanied us throughout our life. The Neighbors illustration exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with a cross-section of various styles of European illustration and themes that artists turn to, and, of course, to discuss them.

During the Festival, there will be held practical workshops by invited guests, creative meetings and a discussion about contemporary illustration. The Ukrainian illustrators, publishers, writers, journalists, and students will be able to talk to artists, share their experiences, and discuss their future projects.

Project members: Katherine Stangle (Germany), ATAK / George Barber (Germany), BOICUT / Jürgen Friesinger (Austria), and Marianne Maray (Hungary).

Partners: Sky Art Foundation