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Organized by Sky Art Foundation

This year, a presentation of the PictoricBox art and game project is taking place within the framework of the Book Arsenal Festival. Its creators, the Pictoric Illustrators Club, presents the visitors over 100 illustrations, small copies of which have become the basis of the similarly-named board game.

Each artwork in the PictoricBox project is a kind of open source in software where the content is written by viewers themselves. Both vivid illustrations with a large number of details and the diverse stylistics of the artists create an integral and charming exhibition. The illustrators admit that the main idea in creating the artworks was a stretch of imagination, which will be perceived by each viewer.

In order to plunge the exhibition visitors into the world of PictoricBox, the special PictoricBox Play Zone will be working in the exhibition space, where everyone will be able to test the new board game for the whole family and fully experience the magic of the art project.

Among the creators of the exhibition are: Anna Andreeva, Anna Sarvira, Oleh Hryshchenko, Tetyana Denysenko, Polina Doroshenko, Anna Ivanenko, Hrasia Oliiko, Zhenya Polosina, Nastia Sleptsova, Olena Staranchuk, Yuliia Tveritina, Valeryi and Olena Tykhonyuk, Illia Uhnivenko, Olha Shtonda, and Oleh Shcherba.