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Organized by Sashko Komyakhov and Mystetskyi Arsenal

InkBox is a project about internal and external space we often cannot cross. The space between understanding one’s own and someone else’s boundaries. The space between the artist at the time of creating and the viewer at the time of observing. The space between the sheet of paper and the tip of a brush.

In fact, we are building a box that is illuminated from the inside, and then a graphic panel created by artists gradually appears on its walls. The artists take turns in holding a non-stop performance during the Festival. With the help of InkBox, we can put the moment of creation in the crowd of people, and everyone can come up and take a live look at how the joint work is being born, as well as watch this from the same distance as creators do, or even better, because the tools and hands do not overlap what the viewer sees during the process.

The idea of InkBox was born several years ago, and through the casual concurrence of circumstances, it hasn’t been implemented until now. One of these circumstances is the theme of neighborhood, which was chosen by the Book Arsenal Festival this year. Quiet neighbors who are not visible are the ideal of urban dwellers. Often people get to know their neighbors only when it comes to conflict due to the violation of our small or large boundaries. The bleakest conflict is always the internal one, because with clear visible boundaries – from room to state – we constantly cross the boundaries of desires, rights, and responsibility. Metaphorically, using the example of the cooperation between the artists, InkBox shows how conditional neighbors can overcome conditional conflicts. And the ‘conflict’ here is the very composition, a panel with different ideas and styles, and the solution is a common goal chosen by artists, their coexistence and creative work in the common InkBox space during the Festival. And of course, you viewing this action.

The project involves: Anna Vitryana, Lesya Drashkaba, Mykhaylo Skopa, Katya Yatsushek, and Zakentiy Horobyov.