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Book Arsenal continues its partnership with Bologna Children’s Book Fair

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The International Book Arsenal Festival is helping Ukrainian publishers to take part in the BolognaRagazzi Award 2023 of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Italy) by organizing the delivery of Ukrainian books that have entered the award competition to the city of Bologna.

Helping Ukrainian publishers to take part in the BolognaRagazzi Award is part of the joint projects of the International Book Arsenal Festival and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair planned for the year 2023, and it continues the cooperation of the festivals established in previous years.

Taking part in the BolognaRagazzi Award gives publishers the opportunity to showcase the best practices in children’s books design and illustration, as well as gain recognition from international professional audience.

There are four main Award categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Opera Prima (for unpublished authors and illustrators), and Comics. The jury is also asked to give a special New Horizons award to a particularly innovative book. Besides the main permanent categories, every year BRAW features also one or more special categories. The special category of the 2023 BolognaRagazzi Award will be dedicated to PHOTOGRAPHY.

Ukrainian books have already won the BolognaRagazzi Award — in 2018, the books Loudly, Softly in a Whisper and I See That by Romana Romanyshyn and Andrii Lesiv won the Bologna Award in Non Fiction category; in 2015, the same creative duet received the BolognaRagazzi Award mention in New Horizons category for The War that Changed Rondo; and in 2014, a mention in Opera Prima category for The Stars and Poppy Seeds.

More About Participating in the BolognaRagazzi Award

You can send the books entering the competition using the logistical support of the Book Arsenal. 

For this, you need to:

submit your application by November 30

— send your books by courier delivery to the Mystetsky Arsenal office address.

Books should be sent by courier delivery to the following address:

Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex

10-12 Lavrska St., Kyiv, 01010

Contact person — Oksana Karpiuk, +380675889410

Courier delivery to the Mystetsky Arsenal premises is at the expense of the sender. After receiving the books submitted for the award competition, the International Book Arsenal Festival will provide free delivery of the books that take part in this year’s BolognaRagazzi Award to the city of Bologna.

  • November 30the is the deadline for submitting applications for the award through the Bologna Children’s Book Fair website, as well as sending the parcel with the books to the Mystetskyi Arsenal premises.

  • Before sending the books, please make sure that the parcel contains:

    • 3 copies of EACH book entered
    • A copy of the Information Sheet that you will fill out when registering a book on the website in EACH of the 3 copies sent in
    • A printed copy of the last confirmation e-mail you received when you submitted your books, which contains the agreement to the Privacy Policy.  
    • BRAW Packaging Label must be affixed to the outside of each parcel sent. This packaging label can be downloaded from the Publishers reserved area on the website.
  • Please note: if a book has been entered for more than one BRAW category, 3 copies of each book, each with an Information Sheet, must be sent for EACH category entered. 

    Parcels sent after November 30th will not be considered.

The International Book Arsenal Festival provides only logistical support for the participation of Ukrainian publishers in this year’s BolognaRagazzi Award. Courier delivery to the Mystetsky Arsenal premises is at the expense of the sender. 

You can also send the books to the competition yourself, by following the procedure outlined on the BCBF website and by sending the books at your own expense directly to the organizing committee of the competition in the city of Bologna.

Details on how to take part in the competition

Apply to take part in the award competition through the Bologna Children’s Book Fair website in the Publishers Reserved Area section.

The BolognaRagazzi Award — BRAW is the BCBF prize aimed at selecting the finest illustrated children’s books worldwide.

The award honours the best productions in terms of their graphic and editorial qualities, innovation and the ability to talk to young readers; these are the guidelines taken into account by our international jury of experts.

BRAW is among the world’s most highly regarded international prizes in the sector of children’s publishing and it’s a great business opportunity for the publishers.

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF) is an industry leading event that has succeeded in bringing together a unique and diverse global audience thanks to 60 years experience. The result is the world’s premium copyright exchange hub when it comes to publishing which also extends to current multimedia and licensing businesses for children’s stories, illustration, animation and related areas. The world famous Illustrators Exhibition and industry recognized BolognaRagazzi awards are some of key pillars that make this event so special.

The International Book Arsenal Festival is a project of the Mystetskyi Arsenal that has been held annually since 2011. It is an intellectual event in Ukraine, where the book, literary, visual, music and theatre scenes develop and interact with each other, and important issues of human existence, as well as society and culture are raised, prompting the proactive position of the participants and visitors.