Antytvir 2021

Antytvir 2021

Literary contest for the students of 8-11 grades Antytvir took place within The 10th International Book Arsenal Festival. The contest’s topic traditionally consonants with the topic of the Festival. In 2021 focus was — Optimists Skeptics. So the topic of Antytvir 2021 we defined as How to look at.

Our perception is ambiguous. We can be different: optimists and skeptics at the same time. How to look at is about the healthy getting along with diversities and even opposites in a one person, community and world. We look not only at ourselves or others, but at such objects, for example, as pieces of art. So the idea, that looking at can be different, became a cross-cutting theme of this year’s contest

— said organizers.

Works of the Mystetskyi Arsenal collection which have been provided the participants to choose:

The jury of the contest Antytvir 2021:

Nataliya Stepanchuk — a chief editor of the magazine Odnoklasnyk (The Classmate)
Svitlana Tsurkan — an idea inspiratory and initiator of the contest Antytvir 2021
Nikita Rybakov and Vadym Kyrylenko — hosts of a non-boring podcast about non-boring books Gogol’s moustache
Anastasiia Yablonska — an expert on youth literature of Mystetskyi Arsenal’s Educational Department

The main prize for the winners of 1-3 places was a publication of the composition in the magazine Odnoklasnyk. Besides Visa was supporting the contest and prepared a special prize for the contestants. Also the winners of the contest got presents from Litosvita. And a special distinction waited for the Antytvir chosen by Mystetskyi Arsenal’s Youth Council.

June 27, 2021: award ceremony Antytvir 2021

Literary contest for the students of 8-11 grades takes place within The International Book Arsenal Festival since 2018. The contest is aimed at the development of critical thinking and creative approach to the teenager’s writing. The topic of the contest always assonants with the focus-topic of the Festival.