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The third edition of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! program: results of the educational component

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12 Ukrainian publishers have received mentoring support from the world and Ukrainian experts in the matters of exporting Ukrainian books.

The main principles of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program were maximum practical and applied knowledge, relevance, and joint search of the most effective solutions to support the sector.

Tracks in which the participants of the educational component of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program were working in July:

  • Direct sale of printed and electronic books abroad through the publisher’s website. Development of website logic, optimization for the international market, setting up search options, payment systems etc.
  • Selling rights abroad. Creating and enhancing catalogues, finding contractors, working with foreign literary agents and publishers.
  • Customs and legal procedures for selling books abroad.
  • Book distribution and cooperation with bookstores abroad.
  • Marketing of Ukrainian books abroad, business strategizing.

The educational part of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program has helped 12 Ukrainian publishers, accompanied by 8 professional mentors, to find answers to very specific questions and issues regarding the export of Ukrainian books abroad, and has outlined possible scenarios for further operational activity in the times of a full-scale war. Thanks to our program, we as a team have also gained a better overall understanding of the current situation and possible solutions, which we will share with the Ukrainian publishing community in the informational and analytical materials to come

— Oksana Karpiuk, Manager of Professional Programs at the Book Arsenal.

The following Ukrainian publishers participated in the educational part of the program: Mamino, ARK “Ukraine”, #knigolove, Vydavnytstvo, Crocus, їzhakultura, ist publishing, Vikhola, The Old Lion Publishing House, Discursus, Nasha Idea, Chas Maistriv.

The best and the least traumatic experience is the one based on timely information. Participation in the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! program gave us an opportunity to systematize the theoretical knowledge we already had, and led us to the right decisions. In my opinion, this is a great case of timely support and help when it was really needed

— Artem Braichenko, Founder of їzhakultura project and їzhak publishing house. Participant in the track “Customs and legal procedures for selling books abroad” in the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program.

To find the most effective solutions for the export of Ukrainian books, 12 publishers from Ukraine worked together with 8 mentors:

Tomáš Jodas
Supervisor of the Export department in the publishing house Albatros Media

Julie Attrill
Associate Director, International Rights, Wiley

Vita Miroshnychenko
Expert in customs and foreign trade. Leading certified expert in the international trade rules of Incoterms and Сo-chair of the Customs Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Valentyna Vzdulska
Literary critic and content editor specializing in children’s literature

Ihor Ohura

Inna Bilonozhko
Strategic book marketing professional, analyst and lecturer

Lyubomyr Oliynyk
IT Expert, Founder of siteGist web agency

Oksana Lushchevska
Ukrainian writer and translator, active member of PEN UKRAINE, author of numerous children’s and young adult books

I was delighted to take part in the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program as a rights and licensing mentor. I, and hopefully my mentee, found the experience really useful. It made me question what advice I would have given myself if I was starting out in rights now, especially given the array of social media that can be used for title marketing. I was really impressed with the thoughtful and well-considered questions, as well as the sheer resilience and passion for publishing that all attendees showed and their commitment to making books available in such extremely difficult circumstances

— Julie Attrill, Wiley. Mentor in the track “Selling rights abroad” in the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program.

During August and September, the team of Chytomo media resource for publishing professionals will prepare and publish a series of 5 informational and analytical text materials on 5 tracks within the educational component of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program. These text materials will spread the knowledge and the experience gained during the program to the Ukrainian professional publishing community, offering more opportunities in finding solutions to the issue of exporting Ukrainian books abroad, particularly in the times of a full-scale war.

This year again, the Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! 2022 program is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme.

Ukrainian Literature: Rights On! program, launched by the International Book Arsenal Festival in 2020, helps to establish effective connections between Ukrainian publishers and international business partners, as well as to integrate the Ukrainian literary process into the global one.

House of Europe is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries and the UK. The programme focuses on culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth.