Pinzel Publishing House was founded in 2016 with the support of numerous big european publishing houses with the sole “dream” purpose – to publish the cult Belgian comics book Tintin in Ukrainian. During this time Pinzel got to his feet and carried out a number of projects: the series “Strength to Life” dedicated to the artistic embodiment of a difficult discourse on physical and mental diseases ; the Benelux series, which marked our special love for these key countries in the history and economy of Europe; the Kochur series, named in honor of a prominent Ukrainian translator-dissident, winner of the National Prize Shevchenko Hryhoriy Kochur; the series “Democracy of Kyiv”. And only after going through all these stages, in September 2019, we completed the idea from which “Pinzel” began: they released the album by Hergé “Tintin, a reporter of “The Twentieth Century”, in the country of the Soviets”. Pinzel Publishing House specializes in translated fiction, literary heritage, art albums, and translated fiction, and has succesful coopreation with such countries as USA, France, Belgium, Indonesia, Switzerland, Canada, Thailand, Slovenia and others.