Antytvir 2018

Antytvir 2018

One of the most important student’s habits is the ability to write works. Long or short ones, works-reflections, descriptive works… Often the student is expected to express “correct” thoughts and observations — just like in the school books.

But we are convinced there are no “correct” or “incorrect” thoughts, everything depends on the way they are expressed. So we announced the contest Antytvir.

The students of 7-11 grades were invited to take part in the contest. The applications were accepted till May 25, 2018.

The winners were announced on June 3:

1 place — Koptukh Sophia
2 place — share Ischenko Yulia, Kyrychenko Dmytro, Kozlova Anastasia and Chupat Daryna.
3 place — Ignatenko Olexandr

Also entered the final:

  • Bilynska Violetta
  • Velyka Anastasia
  • Gavrina Olga
  • Gaiduk Kateryna
  • Goluk Yulia
  • Ivanchuk Roksolana
  • Kasyanchuk Nadia
  • Leont’eva Anastasia
  • Lukash Mykyta
  • Malio Yana
  • Povkh Anna
  • Porkhun Daria
  • Stasuk Olexandra
  • Filonenko Olesia

You may get acquainted with the works of the finalists following the link.

20 best authors of Antytvirs received invitations to The 8th International Book Arsenal Festival and a gift — visiting certificate to the Museum of popular science and techniques Experimentanium. And three winners received as a gift books from the publishing house Stary Lev.