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Book Arsenal Business Site

Manager is the one who deals primarily with the future. His or her profession is to design tomorrow’s projects. Each of their decisions affects the future of the system which they are responsible for, the country, the world. No matter it’s 20 years or 20 minutes, in any case, it’s about the time to come, and the radius of its influence depends on the scale of thinking. Our future will depend on the capabilities and quality of these decisions, too.

Book Arsenal Business Site is an intellectual platform where managers meet to share business wisdom, discuss the models of our future and understand how to learn to create good management solutions to reach it.

Each discussion is based on the newly emerged fresh business books that we have chosen to cover as much as possible the range of issues that are relevant to the focus. We will talk about organizational development of enterprises or the tomorrow of innovative IT companies in Ukraine, as well as personal development of the manager and new thinking paradigms.

The program is curated by Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] and co-organized by the Old Lion Publishing House, Nash Format Publishing House, Family Leisure Club Publishing House, Yakaboo.

Business Site partners: Kyivstar, KnigaBiz.Ua