Alteration: Festival to Festival

Professional program Alteration: Festival to Festival

Professional program for managers and curators of literary festivals and book exhibitions.

  1. Organized by
    Book Arsenal, Ukrainian Institute, supported by the European Union
  2. Dates
    May 5-7, 2021
  3. Format

Ukrainian and foreign managers and curators of notable literary, book and cross-disciplinary events of the world will be sharing their experience and considering the ways of creating events in the new reality.

The project contributes to the development of international relations between the professional community and institutions, as well as to better recognition of Ukraine, in particular its culture and literature, in the world.

Among its goals are the following: establishing warm contacts with international institutions, festivals, exhibitions; promoting the increase of the Ukrainian component (events with the participation of Ukrainian authors, Ukrainian program, etc.) at foreign festivals and significant literary events; increasing the quantity of joint projects of Ukrainian and foreign festivals; and implementing the program with educational components to enhance the competencies of Ukrainian participants and stimulate their cooperation with foreign colleagues.

The participants, among others, are managers and curators from Frankfurt, Bologna, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Krakow, etc.

Topics to be raised during the program:

  1. Where is the festival movement heading nowadays?
  2. How can literary festivals and exhibitions of different countries cooperate and interact? What are your successful experiences in cooperation?
  3. How can you achieve social impact, and how to build relationships with audiences and communities in a pandemic?
  4. What online tools and instruments proved to be the most successful for you when organizing festival programs, etc.?
  5. How to organize hybrid event formats in the context of social distancing?
  6. What are the new financial models of online festivals or online exhibitions?
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