Ridna mova is a Ukrainian publishing house founded in 2003. We focused on publishing the best books for children and adults in Ukrainian.

In 2015, they fully intensified their activities. In 2016, the series “Read in your native language!” Was founded, in which more than 30 books for children and teenagers were published, as well as the series for adults and youth “World bestseller in your native language” (YoungAdult). The series became famous in particular thanks to the talented translations of Oleksa Negrebetsky, Volodymyr Panchenko, Volodymyr Tchaikovsky and others. In the same year, “Luminaries” Elinor Catton opened the series “The Great Novel”.

In 2017, they received exclusive rights to publish translations of DC Comics in Ukrainian. And in 2019 – non-exclusive rights to publish Ukrainian translations of Marvel Comics. The publishing house also has the exclusive rights to publish world-famous authors in Ukrainian, such as Astrid Lindgren, Pamela Travers, Anthony Burgess, Cressida Cowell, Kate DiCamillo and others.