Belka Publishing
The latest in Ukrainian literature.
Belka Publishing was founded in 2018, and we specialise in literature from veterans of and volunteers from the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as well as memoirs, adventure literature, and modern Ukrainian prose and poetry for adults.

When creating our paperbacks, our focus is on making a progressive, aesthetic and specially-designed product that is also perfect as a gift for loved ones. We pay great attention so that each book’s cover, font, and illustrations are a pleasure for readers beyond what they may find in the text.

We choose to publish books based on their ability to evoke high emotionality and a powerful experience for the reader. We always maintain a reader-based focus, meaning our books are there to provoke reflection, entertainment, tears, joy, and the feeling of being alive to the fullest!

The works we publish all hold particular contemporary cultural relevance and engage with pressing social issues: our books are supposed to embody present Ukrainian society and modern Ukrainians within an intriguing literary form and a beautiful and professional design.

We have received numerous awards and distinctions from literary forums and have received the BBC Book of the Year Award two years in a row.

Discover modern literary Ukraine in all its brightest, most forceful, and most controversial aspects!