Bear Sanctuary “Domazhyr”

Bear Sanctuary “Domazhyr”

Situated in Western Ukraine, BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr provides mistreated bears with a safe and natural home. Supported by the foundation FOUR PAWS, the sanctuary helps bears by rescuing them from cruel captivity, e.g. baiting stations for hunting dogs, moving zoos, circuses, hotels, and restaurants.
In Domazhyr the rescued bears are provided with conditions close to natural in order to hold the rehabilitation and restoration of the origin balance. Moreover, the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr is not only a new home for suffered bears but also a powerful educational and eco-consciousness center. Regular tours and activities related to the animal and environment welfare are based in the Sanctuary.


  • Thursday, 24 June

    18:00 - 18:45

    Quest conversation with the writer Eugenia Zavaliy “Mission (un) feasible: saving bears. Why is animal rights also important? ”

    Children's stage

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