Stanislav Komárek

Stanislav Komárek is a Czech biologist, philosopher, writer and professor on philosophy and history of natural science. He has authored over 20 science and popular science books, three novels and a poetry collection, as well as numerous publications in newspapers and magazines. He wa awarded the Tom Stoppard Prize for essays in 2006.

Born in Jindřichův Hradec, Komárek studied biology at the Charles University in Prague, moved to Austria later where he continued his studies and scientific work in biology, ethology, anthropology and history of natural science, as well as psychology and psychoanalysis. He returned to the Czech Republic in 1990 and co-founded the Faculty of Philosophy and History of Natural Science at the Nature Department of the Charles University and chaired it later. Much of his research focuses on the connection between natural and cultural phenomena, psychology and biology, and the evolution of perspectives on these issues. He has done fieldwork in Algeria, Azerbaijan, USA, Peru, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Iran, China, Java, Borneo, India, Tibet, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and more.

At the Book Arsenal Festival, Komarek will present his book Male as an evolutionary innovation, which was released in 2018 in Ukrainian translation by Tetyana Okopna, Olena Krushynska (Apriori publishing.