Constantia Soteriou

Constantia Soteriou has a degree in Turkish studies from the University of Cyprus and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Manchester. She worked as a journalist in various newspapers in Cyprus and currently works at the Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus. Her first novel Aishe is Going on Vacation (Patakis 2015) received the Athens Prize for Literature award in Greece in 2016. Her second book Voices Made of Soil (Patakis 2017) was included in the short list of the Cyprus Literature Awards. She wrote plays for independent stages and for the Cyprus Theatre Organization. In her writing she focuses on how war conflicts and historical events can affect the identity of people. She also examines how the women can get a voice through literature to tell their side of the story as regards political events. She believes that literature can offer a way to people to deal with painful issues and perhaps heal themselves from the pain of war. And this applies both to those who read and to those who write.