Anna Khromova

Author of poetry, prose, translator. Born in Kyiv, in 2008 Anna Khromova moved to Israel.

Anna Khromova is one of the authors of the collective poetry collection Jazzove Trio (Kyiv, Port-Royal, 2005). She is among the writers of the anthologies AZ, two, three … twelve – a letter in a bottle: the anthology of the author’s foreign country (Lviv, Pyramid, 2010), Myakush: Anthology of Modern Ukrainian Taste Poetry (Kharkiv, Folio, 2012); as well as The Frontier: 28 Contemporary Ukrainian Poets. An Anthology (Glagoslav, 2017) translated by A. Kudryavitsky.

She is the author of children’s books Monetka / A Coin (Brats’ke, 2015), Dino’s Breakfast (Chimalecha, 2017), The most tenacious orange pants (Chimalecha, 2017), Dragon, Shoo! (Ranok, 2017), Titepetl is angry (Ranok, 2018). Ania Khromova is among the authors of the collections of short prose Chat for Girls (The Old Lion Publishing House, 2016), Glasses and the Rabbit-Dwarf (Brats’ke, 2018), She did it (Vydavnytstvo, 2018).

Anna Khromova translated from Hebrew a story in the verses War Makes People Cry by Tirca Atar (Lviv, The Old Lion Publishing House, 2015), from English – a verse story The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson (Chytarium, 2018).

Laureate of Poetychni maisterni contest (2003), Neosfera (2006), Urbaperekhrestia (2015), Finalist of the Dictum contest (2014).

Works by Anna Khromova are translated into English, Hebrew, Polish, Russian.