Bov Bjerg

Bov Bjerg is a writer, he studied linguistics, political science and literature. He founded the Salbader (Chatterbox) magazine with his friends and various reader scenes in Berlin. To date, three books were published: novels Deadline (2008), Auerhaus (2015), and also collection of short stories Die Modernisierung meiner Mutter (Modernization of My Mother) (2016). Auerhaus unexpectedly became a bestseller. The novel is translated into many languages. It was also staged and soon will be filmed.

Books in Ukrainian: During the International Book Arsenal Festival Bov Bjerg will present his book Auerhaus, which will be published this summer translated by Anna Savchenko (publishing house PUBlISHING) within the framework of the project of teenagers’ (anti)utopia To the Touch by Goethe-Institut Ukraine.