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Liora Weiss’ Illustrations for Someone to Run With by David Grossman


Organized by Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, Jerusalem Municipality

The exhibition is dedicated to the cult Israel and world-famous novel by David Grossman Someone to Run With, translated into Ukrainian by Folio Publishing

House in 2015. Grossman’s novel is closely intertwined with the topography of

Jerusalem, as the plot is related to the journey of the main characters — the girl Tamar, the boy Assaf, and the dog Dinka — through the streets of the city. Each illustration depicts a real object in Jerusalem — a square, a coffee shop, or a building.

The Department of Plastic Arts at the Jerusalem Municipality has invited artist Liora Weiss to create 8 illustrations for the novel. Her works were printed on large billboards and placed in Jerusalem according to the locations mentioned in the book.

David Grossman

David Grossman is the author of novels, plays, operas, collections of short stories, and children’s and educational books. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages, screened and staged in Israel and around the world. Grossman is the winner of the International Booker Prize (2017) for the book A Horse Walks into a Bar and the Israel Prize in Literature (2009).

Liora Weiss

Liora Weiss is an artist who specializes in painting, engraving and performance at the intersection of plastic and performing arts, and a classmate of David Grossman. Her performances take place during art events in museums and festivals, and her works are exhibited in artistic and public spaces in Israel and around the world, as well as stored in public and private collections. Liora Weiss is also known for her love of homeless cats which are identified with Jerusalem and which adorn most of her works in the project.