We care about the festival visitors’ safety, which is why we ask you to follow the Mystetskyi Arsenal safety rules.

In case of an air raid alert, please immediately proceed to the shelter and stay there until the air siren is all clear! An emergency shelter is available in the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Evacuation Plan

For your convenience, the evacuation plan will be available on the territory of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, and signs with directions will be placed outside the building on how to get to the shelter. Also, the evacuation plan is available in the printed guidebook. You can get a copy of the printed guidebook from the administrator at the festival’s entrance area.

  • The festival will resume 30 minutes after the air siren is all clear.
  • The festival will not resume if the air siren is all clear after 8:00 p.m.

In case of an air raid alert, you can re-use the ticket on the same day. Follow the link for more information about tickets.

Please note!

In the conditions of martial law in Ukraine and under regulations issued by the state authorities due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, as well as to prevent or eliminate threats to the life and safety of people, interests of society or the state, and to ensure public order, the Festival organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program and procedure of the Festival, with further notification of all interested parties through updates posted on the Book Arsenal website and social media.

The Book Arsenal team kindly asks for your understanding and brings to your attention the following:

— Any event of the festival may start later than scheduled or may not take place for reasons beyond the Festival organizer’s control;

— Any participant of the event program may cancel their participation for reasons beyond their or the Festival organizer’s control;

— The festival may be canceled in case the security situation in the city of Kyiv deteriorates.