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You are the Author Interactive Installation


Have you ever wanted to write a book and see your name on the cover next to a famous author? At Book Arsenal, you will be able to write your own story in real time in co-authorship with Lubko Deresh, the author of the bestsellers Cult and Worshipping the Lizard.

The basis of Visa’s project You are the Author is a 3-meter interactive installation in the form of a book installed in the territory of the Festival. Choosing 16 scenarios, you will be able to write your short story, choose a title and even a cover design.

You can also create a book online together with author Lubko Deresh, writer Irena Karpa and storyteller Sashko Lirnyk. At home, on the road or on a work break just from your smartphone, you can create your own work.

Read, dream and write your own story wherever you are.