We Just Wonder What Awaits Us in the End

We Just Wonder What Awaits Us in the End


Special Teen Program Curated by the Teenside Team Supported by the House of Europe

Adolescents in times of apocalypse. When we came up with the theme of the curatorial program in 2019, it was just an ironic assumption inspired by an irrational premonition of some catastrophe. Now, when the reality is turned upside down, we are extracting this bizarre creature – a hybrid program – from the chaos and apocalyptic landscape, from new cyber parts on the outside and mentions of the ‘before’ world inside. We invite everyone who wanders through the ghost cities or sits in a small bunker to join our holiday!

Take your shovels, because we are going to dig. Through uncertainty and anxiety. Through our attempts to comprehend the new and old rules of growth and maturation. Adolescence is not a very specific period of time that we spend on scary and exciting things, while deep inside a strange anxious feeling grows up, as if something is about to end, but it is not known how or when.

Skip some of your online classes and come chat and argue with us at Book Arsenal. We really want to present to teenagers – the likes of us and others – a program for young and indefinite people, for non-children and non-adults. Define yourself as you like.

Have you missed new acquaintances and old friends? It will be a space for communication, for gaining knowledge, sharing experiences, and asking questions. The program will be attended by the Ukrainian and foreign experts who know how to draw, write, read, think critically and take care of yourself and others. Among them are already well-known adults in the cultural sphere and our zealous talented peers.

In addition to books and comics, we will talk on sensible subjects: trauma, identity and gender, mental health and the end of childhood and the world; we will share with each other our thoughts about how life experiences turn into creativity. There will be a place for some mischief at master classes (or at any event, if you are brave enough).

Come and connect to the secure multidimensional space. You are welcome to listen and talk in the cozy corners and large halls of Mystetskyi Arsenal or on the floor or sofa of your own room. Because we are going to dig deeper, bring something new and question the familiar. You will get materials, craftsmen and a place for creativity. Do not forget your mask, antiseptic and head, with which you can also take any crazy ideas.

As part of the Teen Program, let’s make acquaintances, discuss stories, complain about our life, play games not intended for our age, sing along, drip ice cream on our clothes, shout about our dreams, look for the right questions and give strange answers. We are waiting for participants and various wonderful teenagers. We allow you and ourselves to be a little angry, a little disappointed, a little nerd, a little rebellious, and very inspired. And maybe, we will finally understand what awaits us in the end.