Ukraїner & We are Crimea

Ukraїner & We are Crimea


Organized by the Ukraїner media project Partner — Ukrposhta Technical Partner — VIPTECHNICS Partner of We are Crimea project  — Ukrainian Institute

Ukraїner is a research expedition. These are multimedia stories about Ukraine and Ukrainians inside and outside the country. The first expedition started in the summer of 2016. The project started with several volunteers, and now there are almost 500 of them in the team. They record and create the history of the country every day.

This year, the project is 5 years old. During this time, the expedition toured all the regions of the country, some of them — even twice. But there is a part of Ukraine, which the Ukraїner  team has not been able to visit yet. This is Crimea. And there are also stories from there.

Usually, where the home begins, anxiety and uncertainty disappear. The home, like strong roots, holds us, tells us who we are, where we come from and where we are going. For many Ukrainians, Crimea is their home. And today they know well what it’s like when your home is taken away and you can’t go back there for a long time. Children’s memories, favourite landscapes, and relatives — all this reminds them of the now unattainable home. And what if they could visit it for a while?

The We are Crimea project is the stories of Crimeans who have not been able to get to the Russian-occupied peninsula since 2014. The characters of these stories — Jamala, Oleh Sentsov, Mustafa Dzhemilev, and Akhtem Seitablaev — watch their landmarks in the Crimea through VR glasses and share their thoughts and memories of their native peninsula.

Put on glasses, choose a story and travel to the native Crimea together with Ukraїner!