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Scientific Skeptics


You should not believe what people say, write in books, report in the news. Sometimes you should not even believe what you see, hear, feel, and remember. Ancient Greek skeptics offered to doubt everything. And what if there are no beliefs to cling to, and it is difficult to understand what is happening around.

With the Special Nonfiction Program Scientific Skeptics, we offer to gain a footing in healthy skepticism. To do this, We will consider several current issues. During the last year, medicine was mentioned much more than in the previous years, so we will talk about what the 21st-century medicine holds in store for us (or not). Often the outside world tries to affect our behavior, using unhealthy methods, that is different manipulation. Usually, people only say that it is bad. Not this time. We will talk about how to counteract manipulation. History is something that is happening now because of what happened before and influencing what will happen next. What can the history of Europe after the Second World War teach us? How to distinguish true news from conspiracy theory? Are all the books on the ‘nonfiction’ shelf equally useful? How to start thinking critically? Maybe someone has already written instructions for novice skeptics?

We hope that these events will guide you into a more balanced way of thinking and will allow to look to the future with conscious optimism.