Gastronomic Book

Gastronomic Book


Special Program by the їzhakultura project

The events of the last years make us think about the world around us. Look around and take a glance at life in the near future. Take a closer look at where and how we live, who is next to us, without whom or what we seem to be alright, and what we are not able to give up.

Food is one of the things we can’t do without, and our culinary practices, gastronomic habits and their changes have long been the subject of research.

Quarantine, self-isolation, and online communication have changed the rhythm of many people’s lives. Yet, we prefer to look at these changes through the prism of optimism and show that this time has been favorable for some authors. Someone was able to find time for preparing their manuscripts, and others rethought their habits and revised their living spaces, thoughts, and ideas.

At the events within the Program, we are going to tell you about a book that will make the world fall in love with Ukrainian cuisine, a book that will change your perception of food and culinary art of the Middle Ages, and a book that will teach you to navigate the world of wine and get acquainted with the modern culture of its consumption, and finally, a book that will allow you to look with humor and self-irony at our habits and culinary wishes. In addition, we will gently introduce you to the culinary world of China, without any bats and drama.

їzhakultura has created a special program to promote the development and formation of the quality segment of gastronomic literature in the Ukrainian literary space, as well as the provision of translations of the current research on the history of nutrition. The Program is designed for everyone interested in modern cooking, food history, and gastronomic research. It aims to develop the gastronomic book sector and establish dialogue and cooperation between participants from various fields: publishers, food photographers, food stylists, gastronomic journalists, bloggers, scientists, chefs, and gastronomic enthusiasts.

їzhakultura researches food, studies its connections with history, art, science, society, language, and ecology. This is a project that tells the story of the formation of Ukrainian cuisine and explains what it is today.