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Break the Ice of Prejudice


Break the Ice of Prejudice to Charitable Foundations campaign is an information campaign by Zagoriy Foundation designed to change misconceptions about nonprofit organizations and debunk the myths that have been formed around their activities.

“They take all the money”; “they give nothing for people and everything for themselves”; “those foundations are created by oligarchs to serve their interests”… These are just a few quotes from people who distrust charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations. But when such opinions get transformed into figures, we get a sad number of 97% — most respondents do not support nonprofits. That is why many good initiatives get frozen, and operating ones often have to launch fundraising campaigns, look for sponsors, and so on.

The Break the Ice of Prejudice to Charitable Foundations campaign should not only break down the stereotypes but also explain why it is important not to stand aside. After all, any change is not a matter of one person or even an organization or a foundation. This is the job for each of us. And only we shape the world we will live in tomorrow.

At the Book Arsenal Festival, the campaign resides at the Ice of Prejudice location. There you can learn more about the work charitable foundations do, read prejudices and their retractions, and talk to the campaign organizers. To find the Ice of Prejudice, simply move in the direction of the ice installation, which symbolizes a hyperbolized form of distrust of charitable foundations. It will help to see the scale of the problem.

We look forward to your interest and help in sharing the information about the Break the Ice of Prejudice to Charitable Foundations campaign. The more people learn the truth, the more good there will be around.