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BookWatchers Special Program


“I am a picture person” is a phrase that can be said by almost every second person today. Indeed, we perceive information differently now, and text or just sound is not enough for us. To read and comprehend the article, we need visual infographics, and we can no longer do without scribing in training sessions.

We perceive the world with images, each time drawing pictures in our heads. And literature is something that allows us to create immeasurable variations of these images and different views on the same story. Perhaps, that is why we are so interested in literary adaptations today. For we can first live our own film, by reading a book, creating frames page after page, and imagining the backstage, costumes and facial expressions of the characters, and then – watch the someone else’s view in the literary adaptation, and compare these two films. In addition, we are interested in a comprehensive experience. We are attentive and observant like real birdbookwatchers.

Every year, Ukrainian cinema develops rapidly, telling new stories – whether created by directors and screenwriters, or caught from the ocean of literary plots. Fortunately, we have enough sources, from which we can derive. As part of the BookWatchers Program, we will see how a book can turn into a film and talk about the close relationship between literature and cinema.

The Book Pitch project was launched in 2020 by the International Book Arsenal Festival and the Odesa International Film Festival. Book pitching aims to find modern Ukrainian books that have the potential to be adapted as feature films. The winners receive prizes from Book Arsenal and OIFF, as well as get the opportunity to present their works before the best Ukrainian producers and directors.