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Alone with Poetry


Pandemic, lockdown, quarantine easing, and lockdown again – we have been living in this mode for the second year. We are alone with ourselves for so long. Some of us have learned this, learned the gentleness of silence and found peace within ourselves, and some, on the contrary, having been forced to be alone, only realized more deeply the need for someone else, communication, and community.

However, even in the face of solitude in our homes and social distancing, are we really alone? This is where literature comes in as another source of communication and an inexhaustible field of voices and dialogues (between characters and authors, between the text and the reader). Literary voices are what allow us not to feel lonely. Here they are – poets and poetesses – they are here, they are next to you. They experience moments of self-isolation just as painfully (or not?) as you do, they feel lonely sometimes and need to talk and be heard the same way as you do.

The immersive audio installation allows you to be alone with poetry, to feel it truly, to meet the voices of poets and poetesses and to feel that we are not alone in isolation.

Poetic texts and voices used:

Mykhailo Zharzhailo, Oleh Kotsarev, Yaroslav Gadzinsky, Anton Polunin, Olena Pavlova, Oksana Gadzhiy, Bohuslav Poliak, Ihor Mitrov.

The project is available in the space of Mystetskyi Arsenal, and its recording can also be heard on the ABUK platform.