Yuriy Gurzhy

Yuriy Gurzhy is a musician, songwriter, DJ, and storyteller. Founder of the Russendisko, Shtetl Superstars, RotFront and The Disorientalists projects.

Yuriy released 10 compilations on different European record labels, including the bestselling “Russendisko Hits” (2003) and “Shtetl Superstars — Funky Jewish sounds from around the world” (2006), recorded three albums and toured extensively with RotFront. His latest productions are “Who Was Essad Bey?” (2017, with The Disorientalists) and “Bandera. Songs from the HipHopera” (2018).

At the Book Arsenal, as a part of Serhiy Zhadan curator’s program “Out loud. About oneself” Yuriy Gurzhy will be performing at the “Singing Bats: a concert of Ukrainian-German friendship”.