Yulia Tsimafeyeva

Yulia Tsimafeyeva is a Belarusian poetess, translator, co-founder and editor of the online literary journal “PrajdziSvet”. She is a member of the Belarusian PEN and the Belarusian Writers’ Union.

She has won the Debut Award in Translation as a co-translator of Charles Bukowski’s collection of poems “air and light and time and space” (2017). Collections of poems by Walt Whitman and Stephen Crane in her translation from the English have also been published. Besides, she translates children’s books from Norwegian. She has participated in the international literary festivals in Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland and others.

A book of Iya Kiva’s interviews “We will wake up different: conversations with contemporary Belarusian writers about the past, present and future of Belarus” (2021, Knyhy–XXI) will be presented at the Book Arsenal; Yulia Tsimafeyeva is one of the book’s heroes.