Dmitry Strotsev

Dmitry Strotsev is a Belarusian Russian-language poet and Kulturtrager, member of the Belarusian PEN and the Belarusian Writers’ Union. He is the author of 18 collections of poetry with the latest being Монах Вера [Monk Vera] (2021). In 2020, Kyiv-based publisher Duh i Litera released his book of poetry «Пил, що танцює» [The Dancing Dust]. 

A winner of the Russkaya Premia award for the collection «850 строк» [850 Lines] (2007), and Freedom of Speech Award from the Association of Norwegian Writers.

A book of Iya Kiva’s interviews “We will wake up different: conversations with contemporary Belarusian writers about the past, present and future of Belarus” (2021, Knyhy–XXI) will be presented at the Book Arsenal; Dmitry Strotsev is one of the book’s heroes.