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Ukrainian Collage


Curated by Oleh Vasylenko, Yevhen Karas, and Oleksander Liapin

Collage as a technique has a special place in the history of art. Traditionally, it combines different materials, but the Ukrainian Collage project emphasizes its paper component, as it is organically combined with the Book Arsenal Festival.

Used material is used to create collages — such a solution not only follows the environmental trends of upcycling and recycling, but also adds drama and a sense of archaeological value to the works. And thanks to the postmodern application of ‘citation’ and layering of fragments of ‘phrases’ that combine in contradictions and harmony, collage becomes a state-of-the-art and relevant genre of the art scene.

The mobility of the collage and the accessibility of its perception and creation have enabled the emergence of communities and centers around the world, uniting thousands of creators and devotees of this genre.

The purpose of the Ukrainian Collage project, according to its initiator and co-curator Yevhen Karas, is to provoke a wave of interest, inspire a new school of Ukrainian collagists and add well-known Ukrainian artists to its orbit.