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Studio PIAF


by Amélie Cochet

Supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine

Amélie Cochet is a Swiss Animator and Illustrator and co-founder of the creative collective Studio PIAF based in Bern, Switzerland.

Аlpha-ray (2021)

Each of these illustrations represents a song by the Bernese band alpha-ray. Each illustration was assigned an element (fire, water, air, earth, spirit and magic) and these assemblages of ink drawings were drawn associatively to the according element. The title of the album is „times of doubt“ and reflects the current floating state of society and the unknown that we are now more than ever confronted with.

FrischeFische (2020)

FrischeFische means „fresh fish“ in English and is a Comic about the danger of ghost nets. Ghost nets are fishing nets which got lost or discarded into the oceans. Those nets can last hundreds of years and kill tons and tons of animals.

The comic was drawn as a contribution to „Illustrators against extinction“, a comic collaboration by 28 Swiss illustration artists to raise awareness to the climate crisis. The project was initiated by Leonie Rösler and Raphaël Kolly. Find more infos about the project on iaex.ch

Tour de déshydratation (2018)

Tour de Déshydratation tells the story of Tom Simpson’s last Tour de France and consists of seven silk-screen posters and animations which are projected onto the posters accompanied by Sound layers.

Tom Simpson was considered one of the best British professional cyclists. In 1962, Simpson was the first Briton to wear the maillot jaune in the Tour de France. In 1967, Tom Simpson died from dehydration on the slopes of Mont Ventoux during the Tour de France as a result of doping and his own stubborn ambition.