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Created by Olia Mykhailiuk

Organized by the ArtPole Agency with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum


SAY: LIGHT is a visual branch of the project rozdIIovI: video and lighting installations, ink and elderberry on transparent paper. Light and shadow, layers, openings and translucencies, experiments with form that change meaning. From the beginning, rozdIIovI has been a kind of correspondence project, the starting point for which was the lyrics of Serhiy Zhadan. During the performances, which combined poetry, music and video art, Olia Mykhailiuk created a visualization live, inventing her original technique — action writing.

 “Poetry begins where your vocabulary ends,” is written in Zhadan’s New Orthography. And in the new version of the rozdIIovI project, we no longer hear the poems aloud. Now, it is dance (LAB ON STAGE — Austria), music (Tomasz Sikora — Poland, Oleksiy Vorsoba — Belarus), video (Olia Mykhailiuk, Serhiy Piliavets — Ukraine) and … silence. Now, it is poetry that combines color, line, sound, movement, individual words and their graphic design in different languages through points of connection and differences.