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Moment Mediators


Created by Anna Myronova

Organized and curated by Shcherbenko Art Centre

The project presents the collection of artbooks by Anna Myronova, created in different periods of her artistic practice, as well as a film guide through an exhibition. The artist’s artbooks, in contrast to the standardized format, are collections of visual messages — abstract drawings that broadcast selective fragments of her personal memory. She is a mediator of time, feelings, and events that took place in her personal life and the life of society.

In times of social change, unforeseen circumstances, pandemics, globalization and even greater transition to the online format, printed and handmade books are valued more. In Nearness, the sociologist of culture Pascal Gielen and the philosopher of culture Marlies de Munck drew attention to its exceptional importance in times of distance and the vibration of meeting with an artwork, not available to us online. Anna Myronova’s works make this meeting possible twice: they appear as single manuscripts created by the author’s hands, as well as objects-collections of drawings — works of art that are so necessary today.