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Industrial Tale


Created by Vasyl Dmytryk

Organized by Dymchuk Gallery

The project Industrial Tale by the Odesa artist Vasyl Dmytryk is an exhibition of sculptures and found objects. The artist’s studio is located in the former Odesa shipyard area, and it is it and related stories that are the leitmotif of the project. The artist uses wooden models and molds found within the shipyard and transforms them, being inspired by the past of the industrial area.

The central figure of the series is Countess Elena Tolstaya, who lived in Odesa in the 19th century. Her life story is reminiscent of a fairy tale: she worked as a laundress and then she married Count Mikhail Tolstoy. The couple made a great contribution to the life of Odesa, in particular, they created the Water Rescue Society, the building of which is still located in the shipyard area.

The stories collected by the artist make the abandoned industrial area mythical and fairy-tale. Thus, the romanticized industrial ruins scattered across the post-Soviet space get a new life in Dmytryk’s works.