Advertising services

Advertising services

Participants of the program and exhibition fair of the festival can additionally order advertising services to promote their publishing products and organized events.

To order services, please send an email to [email protected].

Promo video on the plasma TVs at the Festival information desks

(left and right wing points of entrance) *

Promo video on the plasma TVs:
1 time per hour during the five days of the Festival

5 000 UAH

4 000 UAH

(in case of purchase of the video placement on the Facebook page)

Placement of a promo video** on the Festival's Facebook page with the publisher's page tag or a link to the publisher's program at the Festival on Facebook.

One-time posting of the video on the Facebook page of the Festival on the first or second day of the Festival. In the accompanying text to the video there may be tags of the Participant’s Facebook page or the Participant’s event program.

Expected placement coverage is 5,000. The number of slots for this placement is extremely limited.

3 000 UAH

2 000 UAH

(in case of purchase of the video placement on the territory of Mystetskyi Arsenal)

Placement of a banner on the Book Arsenal web page.

The option is discussed with the Participant individually and is formalized in a separate appendix to the contract.

Individual selection of planes and prices accordingly.

Handouts at the information desks

Placement of your handouts at the three information desks during the five days of the Festival. The handout format should not exceed A4.

1 000 UAH

A color page with your advertising in the Festival's printed guide

Placement of a Participant’s advertising layout in the Festival’s printed guide. The number of advertising layouts is limited.

5 000 UAH

(Half page)

10 000 UAH


25 000 UAH

(The 4th page)

А1 posters***

Placement of A1 posters on dashboards near corridors leading to lavatories where the visitors spend a lot of time. The number of dashboards is limited.

500 UAH


*A promo video without sound line is produced by the Participant himself and provided to the Organizer.
** The promo video with a sound series is prepared by the Participant, provided for approval and placement to the Organizer together with the text message and tags of the corresponding pages.
***Layout requirements are sent individually at the Participant’s request.